Discover the Odd Beauty: Fish with Two Eyes on One Side

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Flatfishes are some of the weirdest vertebrates on the planet. They are easily the most asymmetric of all mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. Flatfish asymmetry isn’t just a novelty, it’s an innovation, and a trait that sets flatfish far apart from even their closest relatives. In this article, we will explore the odd beauty of fish with two eyes on one side.

The Evolution of Flatfish Asymmetry

Flatfishes began as typical, symmetrical fish. They started evolving their current shape, or morphology, about 65 million years ago, and within 3 million years, they’d largely finished.

Furthermore, traits in flux led to a sort of evolutionary cascade, where traits begin to co-evolve with one another. Incorporating more transition words can enhance coherence and facilitate a more seamless understanding of the text.Tight integration of genetic traits in flatfish led to a sort of evolutionary cascade.

The Anatomy of Flatfish

Flatfish have a unique anatomy that allows them to lie flat on the ocean floor and blend in with their surroundings. However, they have both eyes on one side of their head, and their bodies are flattened from side to side.Their mouths are twisted, and they swim on their sides.

The Function of Flatfish Asymmetry

Flatfish asymmetry is an adaptation that allows them to hide from predators and ambush prey. By lying flat on the ocean floor, they can blend in with their surroundings and avoid detection. They can also use their camouflage to sneak up on prey and catch them by surprise.

The Diversity of Flatfish

Over 800 species of flatfish, found in oceans all over the world, constitute a diverse presence in marine environments. Some of the most well-known species include flounder, sole, halibut, and turbot. Each species has its own unique characteristics and adaptations that allow it to survive in its environment.


Conclusion Fish with two eyes on one side are some of the weirdest and most fascinating creatures on the planet. Their unique anatomy and asymmetry have allowed them to adapt to their environment in ways that no other fish can. By lying flat on the ocean floor and blending in with their surroundings, they can avoid detection from predators and ambush prey. Their odd beauty is a testament to the incredible diversity of life on Earth.


What fish has two eyes on one side?

European flounder, like other flatfish, experience eye migration. Notably asymmetric, they have both eyes on one side of the head.

What is a left eyed fish?

A left-eyed fish, like the flatfish, has its left eye positioned on the side of its head facing upward.

Why do fish have two eyes?

Having two eyes provides fish with binocular vision, enhancing depth perception and aiding in locating prey, avoiding predators, and navigation.

What is unique about fish eyes?

Fish eyes are unique for their ability to see in water due to a spherical lens, providing clear vision underwater.

Do fish have 3 eyes?

No, fish typically have two eyes for vision and navigation.

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